Help Oliver Sterling! I want to buy a home, but have NO idea where to begin…


Oliver Sterling says:

Alright… step one.  Get Pre-approved.  Meet with a mortgage broker and find out what price range you are comfortably able to afford. Not sure where or who to go to? No problem, Margot will be happy to refer you to an excellent mortgage broker.  This step is very important, as it lets you know what price range you can shop.  There is no sense in test riding and falling in love with a Butet, when your budget only allows a Crosby.

Next! Organize and create a plan.  Much like when my canter is a bit strung out on the long approach to the 5 stride, my business partner Margot needs to get my canter collected and organized. Well, at least this is what I hear the lady that stands in the center of the ring telling us to do all the time.  This way, we have a plan when jumping in and our out is easy right?! Right!  Same idea in formulating your plan regarding purchasing a home.  Make a list of things that you like, and don’t like.  Must have’s, definitely not’s, and things you are willing to budge a little on.  Be sure to include in your list appealing neighborhoods, schools, 10 minutes to target, Starbucks etc.  Get this list together, check it twice, and bring it to your first sit down with your super duper buyers agent Margot.  She will then help you graduate to step 3, aka THE FUN PART.

Step 3 – Margot will take into valuable consideration steps 1 & 2, and compile a list of excellent options to show you that fit your pre-approved budget and search criteria.  Then we will see all the homes that are perfect on paper, and go from there.  Maybe we find “the one” very early on (yee-haw!) or maybe we don’t. But rest assured, Margot will not stop until your dream home is found.  If such a home was built and it is out there, she will find it.  This I can promise you.

Yay- We FOUND IT! Next is handling the big stuff. Paperwork. Offers, counteroffers, agreements, inspections, etc. alllll the way to the closing table.  Margot will walk you through step by step, all of these important items starting with how to submit an offer on your potential new dream home.  A very wise associate once told us ” My sales skills are not focused on selling YOU a home, my sales skills are put to work on the seller/sellers agent when negotiating the BEST possible deal on your behalf”.  Everything throughout this very important step will be handled with the utmost care, and thoroughly explained as we move further through the process. Any questions at any time? Just ask!

Now… onto the Big Move! Need help with reputable movers?  Margot can refer you.  Interested in an interior designer? Margot can refer you.  Interested in a celebratory glass of Malbec? Margot would love to cheers you.

Nothing will give Margot more pleasure than to shake your hand the day you close on your new home.  And I will give you a congratulatory victory gallop around my paddock, and even throw in a squeal and a buck for good measure.



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